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CO.PT is a commercial domain name registration service. In CO.PT you can register a and domain.

This service is operated by Equipa CO.PT.



The registration procedure is done online, in real time, in this site.

The register procedure is automatized, and executed if everything is in compliance with all legal considerations, as well as the current legislation.

See detailed information on the How does it work before register your domain.



Equipa CO.PT is responsible for the domain registration under assignment CO and LDA.

The domains are registered by chronological order (the order received in this site). Equipa CO.PT is not responsible for the legality verification of the register order.

Equipa CO.PT will keep records contends the date and hour of the domain register order.

The requester is the only responsible, and declares that the Equipa CO.PT will never be directly or indirectly responsible for any domain registration consequences that might happen.

The requester agrees that Equipa CO.PT has the right of action to revoke, suspend, transfer or modify a registered domain, if legal doubts occur, or if requested judicially from competent entity.

A domain, can be suspended if its management is made in such a way that harms the good functioning of the DNS at national or international level.

The requester is total responsible for domain name choice, as well ensure that this domain name is not in conflict with copyright rights. When subscribing this service, the user accept that the Equipa CO.PT never will be responsible directly or indirectly for any consequence that results of the use of this site.

The requester authorizes that the register domain data, as well as the respective contacts, are placed in digital support and used by Equipa CO.PT strictly for the management of the Commercial service of domain registration.

All the divergences that can appear as result of the interpretation of this regulation, will be decided by means of arbitration, in the terms of the current law.

All the CO.PT informations can be modified at any time without advance warning.



Each domain name registration costs:

EU living customers (non deductible VAT).
1 Year 2 Years 10 Years
18,44 EUR 33,21 EUR 99,63 EUR
23% VAT applied.

Customers living outside EU or with deductible VAT.
1 Year 2 Years 10 Years
14,99 EUR 27,00 EUR 81,00 EUR

Interbank transfer payment:

   IBAN: PT50 0045 1450 4025 8030 4683 3
   BANK: Crédito Agrícola

After interbank transfer payment, is necessary to send the transference confirmatory to us, by email

Transference costs are customer responsibility.

Credit card payment by PAYPAL
To pay by credit card click here.

The domain is reserved for a period of 15 days. Exhaled this period, if the payment it is not verified the domain will be suspended.

A suspended domain is removed definitively after 90 days, being free for register by any user.

Equipa CO.PT will proceed to the emission of the respective receipt after the respective payment.

During the last three months of validity of the registered domain, the user will be notified to proceed to the renewal of the register.

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